Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is an alternative dispute resolution for divorcing couples and families to use so that they can make all of decisions about their divorce with a team of trained professionals.  After signing a Participation Agreement divorcing couples agree to not file for divorce until they have made all of their agreements related to finances and children with the help of a team of professionals, including attorneys, mental health professionals, and financial professionals.

Divorce Mediation:  Most divorcing couples and families want to avoid litigation, an often costly process both from an emotional and financial perspective.  Divorce mediation is a process by which trained mediators help divorcing couples make important decisions about their future without involving the Court.  Couples may or may not be represented by attorneys to engage in divorce mediation; but it is usually helpful when they have their own legal counsel.

Craig De Witt, PsyD

Peter Frommeyer, LMSW

Nance Robson, NCC, LPC