Joanna Unangst, MA, LLP
Limited Licensed Psychologist*
(616) 458-4444 Ext. 17

Joanna Unangst is a master's level psychologist with a warm, compassionate, and insightful clinical approach, who enjoys providing excellent mental health treatment and counseling to individuals 18 and over. Joanna incorporates body awareness and mindfulness into counseling, as well as cognitive behavioral skills, focusing on client strengths. Many clients experience a number of meaningful changes in the process of counseling. Joanna is skilled in working with you as you seek to move from stagnation towards growth, from fear to trust, from pessimism to authenticity, and from powerlessness to freedom.

Treatment interests include:

-anxiety and depression

-grief, loss, and trauma

-pregnancy and postpartum issues

-stress reduction

-resilience and adaptation to change

-spirituality and mindfulness

*A Limited Licensed Psychologist may practice under the supervision of a Licensed Psychologist