Online Resources

At PAGR, we have found the following sites to be informative and useful.

Information on these sites and others linked to them is not intended as a rendering of psychological, legal or other professional advice.

Mental Health Issues

   * American Psychological Association:
   * Association for Play Therapy:
   * National Institute of Mental Health:
   * Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation:
   * US Dept of Health & Human Services:
   * Network180:

 Depression and Anxiety

   * Anxiety Disorders Association:
   * Resources for Manic-Depressives:
   * Anxiety Resource Center:

Marriage and Family

   * Focus on the Family:
   * Family Research Council:
   * New Man Magazine:
   * Gentler Divorce:
   * Collaborative Divorce:
   * Families Supporting Families at Forest View: Families Supporting Families

Grief and Loss

   * Ele’s Place:
   * Starlight Ministries:

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder / Learning Disabilities

   * BRAINS:
   * Children & Adults with ADHD:
   * Attention Deficit Disorder Association:
   * National Center for Learning Disabilities:

Eating Disorders

   * Eating Disorders Shared Awareness:
   * Eating Disorders Online:
   * Eating Disorders Referral & Information:


   * Christian Association for Psychological Studies:
   * American Association of Christian Counselors:


   * Grand Rapids Center for Mindfulness:
   * The Mindful Christian:

Postpartum Support

   * MomsBloom:
   * Baby Beloved:
   * The Village Doula:
   * Maternal Wellness Support Group:
   * Spectrum Health Support Group: