Bryan Bolea, PhD
Licensed Psychologist
(616) 957-9112 Ext. 36

For more than twenty years, Dr. Bryan Bolea has worked to help individuals and families understand and work through the wide array of challenges that can come to stand between them and the rich, fulfilling lives they imagine.

Dr. Bolea believes therapy is an interactive process through which one gains new perspectives, develops more functional coping strategies and ultimately comes to experience more choice, control, and satisfaction in their life and relationships. 

Dr. Bolea is comfortable working with most any client concern, but has particular interest and expertise in working with children, adolescents, and adults who are wrestling with:

Anxiety, depression, anger or other troublesome emotions.

Behaviors that cause frustration or difficulty in personal or professional relationships.

Distressing thoughts or emotions that sometimes develop after a particular crisis, traumatic event, or when confronted by situations that challenge one’s beliefs about themselves or the world.

Concerns that are associated with new or chronic health issues.

Cognitive, emotional, or other issues that interfere with academic or work achievement